About Us

Our History

In 2006, a group of Christian women were discussing how to be a blessing to others.  All of us enjoyed sewing, so when we heard about "Little Dresses for Africa," through Nancy Zieman's ":Sewing with Nancy" TV show, we decided to get together and make dresses.  Our meeting place was a garage that was turned into a sewing room.  That first year, we made and shipped 72 dresses.  That was the beginning of our ministry, but we did not know that it was a ministry yet.

We kept sewing, making these dresses, from fabric domated by members of the group.  It was such fun sewing and socializing - we loved both!  Word began to spread that we made dresses.  Requests started coming in from missionaries to take back with them to the mission field.

We happily supplied their requests and kept making more dresses.  As word spread, donations started coming in as well - sewing machines, fabric and sewing supplies.

We soon realized this was more than friends meeting to sew.  We were GOD's ministry.  It was time to name our group.  Sew-Busy Ladies was officially named.  GOD was supplying our needs, so we could supply the needs in the mission field.

As we looked around us, we realized the need to reach out locally to the poor and underprivileged.  Once your eyes are opened to the need, you see it everywhere.  We expanded to include making items for the local pregnancy center:  

Baby bibs

baby quilts

journals for the young women to record their feelings while pregnant.

For the elderly, we make:

Walker bags

Adult cover-ups (bibs)

Muffs (to keep their hands warm)

We are now making boys pants too.  Requests started coming in for these before we were ready.  The need is great.

In 2016, we officially became a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  We are not officially affiliated with any church denomination.  We operate solely on donations.  No one in the organization receives a salary.  The only pay we receive is the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping people in need, both near and far.

The Bible tells us that we are the body of Christ on this earth, so we are "Hands that serve GOD by sewing."

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